Top 3 Traits to Look for in a Probate Attorney

Probate Attorney

Planning and executing a loved one’s will can be an emotional and challenging time, which is why it is beneficial to hire a probate attorney. Here are the top three traits to look for when searching for one to help handle your case.

Planning who will be the beneficiaries of your estate and assets before you pass or are incapable of doing so helps create a smoother transition when that time comes. With proper estate planning and will drafting, you can help minimize the number of any disagreements that may arise and even avoid probate. However, not many people have a will or an estate plan, leaving their final wishes up to the court’s discretion.

While there is a very simple probate procedure when an estate is valued under $75,000, there may also be disputes as to the distribution of assets in a family when someone passes away. If you find yourself in need of a probate lawyer, then you understand that time is of the essence.

Probate Lawyer

Top 3 Traits of a Probate Lawyer

There are several key traits to look for in a probate lawyer, including their depth of knowledge, communication skills, and a high level of empathy and understanding.

Trait #1: Depth of Knowledge

As you search for probate lawyers, be sure to evaluate each one's level of knowledge and expertise. Although most probate law cases do not see a courtroom, it is crucial for your attorney to be well-versed in the complicated facets of estate planning. Hiring a probate lawyer who is experienced in all areas of this type of law will mean a better handling of your case.

When you meet with your prospective probate attorney, be sure to ask questions like how many probate cases they have handled, if there were any complications, and how they solved any problems or discrepancies that arose.

Trait #2: Communication Skills

Communication skills are helpful in many professions, but are particularly necessary in law, especially for probate lawyers. When you are handling a probate case, there are a plethora of personalities you will find yourself dealing with. In addition to having clear communication, a probate lawyer also serves as a technical jargon and legal processes decoder. They should be able to easily communicate to you the hard-to-understand areas of probate law and answer any of your questions with ease.

Communication Skills

Trait #3: High Level of Empathy & Understanding

Losing someone you love is not easy and is often an emotional time, which makes hiring an empathetic and understanding probate lawyer all the more important. They should be able to discern when to step in and when to give you space, so they aren’t making this time even more stressful for you and all of the other people involved.

What Traits are Important When Hiring a Probate Lawyer?

When a loved one passes, you only have a brief amount of time to execute that person’s final wishes--which is the last thing you want to focus on. Depth of knowledge, communication skills and a high level of empathy and understanding are three key traits to look for when hiring a probate lawyer to help you prepare for this delicate time.

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