4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Baker Act Attorney


The Florida Baker Act is a law that allows mental health professionals, law enforcement, and other healthcare professionals to commit a person for mental health treatment.

While this law was created to protect people suffering from mental health issues, oftentimes the Baker Act can be misused and people are wrongly committed.

Wrongful institutionalization is an infringement on you or your loved one’s rights.

When this happens, the best way to protect your rights or the rights of someone you love is to seek the help of an experienced attorney.

What to Ask Prior to Hiring a Baker Act Attorney

Hiring an attorney, especially a Baker Act attorney, can be a time-sensitive matter. Whether it is a last-minute decision or something you have contemplated for a while, here are four essential questions you should ask before hiring a Baker Act attorney.


Question #1: How long will the process take?

Time seems to move slower when you are waiting for change, and in the case of the Baker Act, all time is valuable.

No matter at what point in the process you are seeking legal help, make sure to consult with your attorney about how long it will take to reach your end goal, whether that be combatting the institutionalization from the start or getting you or your loved one back home.

You want a lawyer who will act swiftly and with purpose on Baker Act cases, so also be sure that your lawyer will be dedicated to your case.


Question #2: What areas of law are your specialties?

All attorneys go through rigorous education and training, but that does not mean that any attorney is right for your specific needs. When considering an attorney to hire for a Baker Act case, make sure this specific type of law is within their range of specialties.

You want a lawyer who has taken on Baker Act cases in the past and is confident in their abilities. An experienced attorney should be prepared to share details about their success rate and past experiences.

Question #3: Have you handled similar cases before?

Once you have found someone specializing in the Baker Act, it can be valuable to know if they have tackled cases with circumstances like yours before. Every case is unique, but since cases run the gamut, a lawyer could be inexperienced with situations like yours.

An attorney with a track record of taking on similar cases to yours will likely be more prepared to combat your Baker Act case efficiently and quickly.


Question #4: What are my loved one’s rights?

Lastly, while this is not essential to the decision-making process of choosing your attorney, It is important to know upfront what rights you or your loved ones have when your freedoms are infringed upon in regards to the Baker Act.

Finding the Best Baker Act Attorney for You

It’s important that you and the lawyer you hire have open, transparent communication. Be sure to discuss what rights the Baker Acted individual possesses and what red flags to look out for.

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